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Satch Sleek School Backpacks - Chaka Bricks (Out of Stock)

Red/White/Black - Satch Sleek School Backpacks - Chaka Bricks (Out of Stock)
HKD 1,180
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Product Details

Satch sleek
Your satch, your style. The backpack for secondary school.
Satch sleek – The Slim One. Popular with more slender backpack fans! Sits snuggly against the body. Lightweight back panel made from compressed foam that enables optimum air circulation. Perfect for all-day school as many items can stay behind in the classroom. One main compartment and two expandable outside pockets. Large reflective eyes. Reflective material on the shoulder straps and hip belt. Organized – Phone compartment, Tablet compartment, Organizer compartments, Two zipped pockets, Key ring holder. 27x15x45cm (W x D x H) 1,100g
The satch Ergonomic Design – Takes the strain off the back and grows along. Comfortable straps, Anatomic shape, Stabilizing ergonomic aluminum rods, Back adjusts from a height of 1.4 to 1.8m. Height adjustable chest strap. The sturdy hip belt relieves pressure from the back. Weight shifted to the hips. Detachable hip belt. Ergonomic padding, Breathable. Inspired by mountaineering, designed for school: The satch load-carrying system ensures that weight is shifted from the shoulders to the stable pelvic area.

ergobag satch sleek

School Backpacks for Teens

(Suitable Height 140cm-180cm)

Satch Sleek - the skinny bookback
Ergonomic Design - The satch sleek's ergonomically-designed, stabilizing aluminum frame adapts to the child's back, growing with them from a height of around 1.40 m up to 1.80 m. Shoulder straps and height-adjustable chest strap ensure a perfect fit. A broad, padded hip belt transfers weight from the shoulders to the hips.
Innovative Back Panel - Made from compressed foam with multiple air channels, the lightweight back panel sits snugly against the body. Particularly popular with tiny backpack fans!
Sporty Design - The backpack's slim, well-designed body has a capacity of 24 l. Featuring a large main compartment, organizer compartment and two expandable outside pockets, there's enough room for all school essentials.
High-visibility - Reflective fabric panels help ensure that your child remains visible from all directions, even in the midst of disorientating traffic.




Measurements: 27 x 15 x 45 cm (W/D/H)
Volume: ca. 24 Liter
Weight: ca. 1.100 Gramm




Quality assurance of the German original

The series ergobag brand are tested, as the standard in the average family daily life, can meet the stringent requirements of Europe and the United States on the quality and durability, we not only provide the quality of Germany, also provides one year warranty to the backpacks on its main structure.

Each product and parts of the quality assurance and warranty, effective from the date of purchase. Please keep proof of purchase to enjoy warranty service.

The below situations are not covered by the product warranty and quality assurance

1. Warranty does not include tear such as severe extrusion, cutting, or improper human operation.
2. Goods when placed in outdoor or wet environment, does not apply to the product warranty.
3. Product warranty does not apply to self disassemble or sewing.
4. Product warranty does not apply to the destruction caused by natural disasters, man-made or accidents.
5. Product Warranty does not apply the color surface caused due to the time difference.
6. Quality assurance covers only the original purchaser, the rights and interests shall not be transferable.
7. Can not provide a valid proof of purchase.
8. Wider reserves the right to amend this quality assurance terms and conditions at any time.