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FreeMAX’s adjustable monitor arms allow users to easily adjust their monitors to the angle, height, and distance that is most appropriate for their comfort and individual task. Whether you are entering data, researching, or working with others, a correctly adjusted monitor arm can lead to increased productivity while decreasing fatigue and muscle soreness. Our monitor arms range covers mouting for single monitor, dual monitors and upto hex monitors mount.
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Monitor Stands / Monitor Arms

Our Monitor Stands help you to raise and lower your monitor, to keep it at a comfortable eye level to prevent hunching over while you work at your desk. You also reduce twisting to your spine and overextending your neck, which can lead to back and neck problems.

Why we couldn’t lay on the chair backrest when computing?

Most people are computing with an unsuitable position of the monitor, which makes your body have to lean forward and bend to obtain the position for focusing on the computing display.