A6-N2-XS standing desk is a stylish and comfortable standing office desk in Hong Kong. With the height adjustable design, it gives you a healthier, comfortable and efficient work pattern. Sitting or standing for work is just your choice, let our adjustabl Freemax
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A6-N2-XS Standing Desk

Warm white with black steel frames - A6-N2-XS Standing Desk
Graphite with Black steel frames - A6-N2-XS Standing Desk
Graphite with white steel frames - A6-N2-XS Standing Desk
Warm white with white steel frames - A6-N2-XS Standing Desk
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HKD 4,650
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  • Modesty Panel
    Modesty Panel
  • Cable Tray
    Cable Tray
  • Under Desk Storage
    Under Desk Storage





Product Details

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-product-Introduction-Infographic

Sit, stand, lean, stretch - Be your healthy active self at work.

A6-N2-XS is a standing desk with a compact size perfect for the home use. With the height adjustable design, you can work healthier, more comfortable and efficient. Change the way you work, let our height adjustable standing desks bring you into a dynamic working experience.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-升降系統面板-Infographic

1. Simple control panel

  • 7 Button operation, including up, down and memory settings.

  • 4 Height memory button.

  • Height display for precise height adjustment.

  • Enjoy lasting durability more than 20,000 uses.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-升降桌骨架-Infographic

2. Smooth start and stop operation

  • A6-N2-XS comes with a dual motor design, stable operation with a 100 KG weight capacity.

  • Ease your standing desk into the perfect height with the speed of 25mm/s without much noise.

  • Height Range: 700mm to 1160mm (not included the desktop)

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-升降桌腳-Infographic

3. Durable (Black / White) 

The steel frames are coated with durable powder coating in color of black or white.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-difference-Infographic


Don't forget to add the Modesty Panel, Under Desk Storage, Monitor Arms, Keyboard Tray etc. to your order. Create your ideal ergonomic working space.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-線槽-Infographic

1. Cable Tray (HKD300) 

Coupled with trunking, easy storage and neat handling wires.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-USB電源系統-Infographic

2. Clamp-On USB/ Power Outlet (HKD480) 

The Clamp-on Power Outlet with USB Charger is a two-in-one power solution that gets multiple outlets closer to your desktop. Coupled with trunking, easy storage, and neat handling wires.

More Office Accessories are also AVAILABLE.


Why are movement and variation so important?

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-product-Importantposture-Infographic

While it's fair to say that a good quality office chair offers great comfort and support, it can only go so far. As a result, it's always a good idea to get up out of your chair regularly through the day.

In reality, what often happens is we get involved with our work and end up sitting far too long until the aches and pains set in and force us to move.

The beauty of sitting and stand to work is it allows you to work in a wide variety of postures that can't be achieved while sitting. It helps to make for a far more natural way of working. And by taking note of our body's signals of fatigue and stress all that's needed is a change of work position. This wide variation of movement keeps the body more active and healthy.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-tired-Infographic

What Ergonomic Electric Standing Desk is?

Improve posture while reducing sitting time

Sitting all day is unhealthy. Sit-stand working gets vital movement back into your body and muscles. You will also find it keeps your mind more active and alert too.

After a day working in the office, do you sometimes feel like a half-open rusted penknife? Worrying that spending those long hours sitting in the same fixed posture is doing your body no good and may even be damaging in the long term?  

If you do it’s perfectly understandable, we weren’t designed to do this. And this is where a sit-stand desk can make a big difference helping you to work more healthily and productively as well as relieving discomfort.

According to their individual needs to sit or stand dual-use self-service stations, at work freely chosen or sitting position, save energy, improve work efficiency, tables can arbitrarily change the level of the position. Every day the station while the body can burn extra calories, tone muscles, poor posture change and accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-standing and sitting-Infographic

Electric Standing Desk to solve the problem:

the modern take too long (an average of > 7 hours)!

Sedentary Price:

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-fat-Infographic

1. Obesity, waist circumference, and metabolic decline

Sedentary body composition will change, so that muscle mass decreases so that the fat go lower abdomen or buttocks. Maintain sitting one hour, fat burning hormones will drop 90%. 

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-back pain-Infographic

2. Lower back pain or disc 

Take a long time, it is likely to cause disc pressure increases, the cartilage back bulge, nerve, and the formation of sciatica. 

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-heart disease-Infographic

3. Chronic diseases: diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary embolism, and chronic kidney disease 

Sedentary cause poor blood circulation, risks and suffer a substantial increase in the probability of various chronic diseases, such as according to the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) study found that more than 80 million people, take the longest ride that group than in the group with minimal risk of heart the probability of disease and diabetes twice. In Addition, A famous Taiwan Physiotherapist mentions that Woman who Sedentary are easily causing pulmonary embolism.

Give you different benefits

1. To strike a balance between the station and the ride to end the vicious cycle of life rehabilitation

Human evolution is to move a single rigid posture is unnatural, sitting more than one hour later, the metabolism will slow down significantly, resulting in the accumulation of fat and muscle rigidity, over time, led to many complications.

2. Increase metabolism, reduce fat accumulation

Standing than sitting can consume about 12 to 30 kcal / hour, 10 hours a day as originally sat, adjusted for the station five hours, sitting five hours, about to consume 70 to 150 kcal per week (five days) can consume 350 to 750 calories, which can effectively improve the long-term down basal metabolism.

3. Improve work efficiency and relieve pressure on the intervertebral disc sustained

Moderately switching station sitting posture, helps increase blood circulation, avoiding head insufficiency, yawn repeatedly, on the other hand, increase the use of the core muscles, and reduce the burden of the lumbar spine, because of the sitting pressure on the intervertebral discs, the equivalent of standing 2 to 3 times.

desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-ergonomic-working-Infographic

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desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-product-Size-Infographic

Techical Specifications:
Desktop size:  
Width: 1000
Depth: 600
Height Range 700mm ~ 1160mm (not including the desktop)
Max. speed 25 mm/s
Lift Capacity 100 kg
Duty Cycle max 2 minutes on / 18 minutes off
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240v
Output Voltage 24V DC2.0A
Desktop Colour
desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-product-deskboard-color-Infographic
Desktop Frame Colour  
desk-Standing Desk-升降桌-E12XS-product-color-Infographic
Addifional Configuration:  
Clamp on USB / Power Outlet $480
Cable Tray $300




2 Years Structural Warranty.