Babo Kids Chair With Footrest is designed specifically for the needs of our children. With Babo Kids Chair With Footrest, it is easy to keep children's feet on the ground, and the knees are in a relaxed state of 90 degrees. Freemax
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Kid2Youth - Babo Kids Chair With Footrest

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  • Kid2Youth - Babo Kids Chair
    Kid2Youth - Babo Kids Chair





Product Details


Babo Kids Chair With Footrest Introduction:

陪孩子一同成長 Growing together
Blue - quiet and freedom Fresh, freedom, wise blue sky, Help Baby Riven travel in the ocean of knowledge, Open the door to success for his future.
Pink - sweet with joy. In the sweetest moments in, Baby pink to a space, Carrying a rainbow meandering dream, Tender loving care of her growth.
Green - Bright and lively. Vibrant green grass, Accompany the entire innocent childhood, Like a guardian angel baby, Bring health and happiness.
Correct posture to protect their eyesight - Spine protection Conform with school-age children of the back support. Able to effectively support the child's spine  Comfortable lumbar support Provide adequate lumbar support children Lumbar spine and relax your skin  Rotating or non-rotating You can select a fixed seat to correct the child's posture Or open seats rotate to facilitate the child more freedom of operation  Release leg pressure According to the appropriate height adjustment of the seat height needs Avoid the legs dangling lead to poor blood circulation  Automatic wheel brake Exclusive use is locked sitting with wheel brake Protect children safe and to maintain the correct posture
Footrest For BABO Chairs German technology manufacturing in Taiwan
Moveable handle design, Baby can easily to walk.  Hundreds of test, modify, again and again. Relieve pressure for the shoulder, the back, kidneys and lumbar spine.  Special high elastic memory foam cushion, Breathable anti-mite sedentary deformation.  Materials used in aviation science and technology. The steel frame, corrosion and rust.  Marked clearly with every best seat height of each segment.  While children sit down on the chair with a wheel brake mode, it automatic locking and stable chairs.  Exclusive seat rotationally fixed function, assist children to develop poor posture correct posture habits.
How to choose the chair to grow it?     Selection of a growing suitable chair has a formulas:
How to adjust the height of the book tables and chairs     Adjust the desk height should relax the shoulders, upper arm and side naturally drooping state, and elbows horizontal position; and a chair height adjustment should be adjusted slightly lower position in the center of the knee, thigh do not feel pressure.
For the children to buy coverings: Timeless easy to clean
Various colors optional coverings: Size, fully obedient to the children's chairs, lovely, Supple feel comfortable, at any time convenient removal flushing.




Size: W60 * D60 * H83 cm
Adjustable seat height: H29 ~ 50 cm
Cushion and back cushion: High density foam
Colours: Light blue / pink / green
Origin: Taiwan




*5 Years Structural Warranty. (*The invoice effective form May 2016.)