The Kid Desk M2 Plus XXS is designed specifically for the needs of our children. It is suitable for different learning status. Adjust the kid desk M2 Plus XXS to the correct desktop angle, protect children's spine and avoid hunchback. Freemax
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White - Kid2Youth-M2-Plus-XXS-Kids-desk
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Product Details



M2 Plus XXS Kids Desk Introduction:








Size: (See below figure)
Colour: White


• Adjustable from 53cm~72cm. A desk can match with the growth of children. 
• In addition to the size of mining ergonomic design considerations, we also for the body posture, cervical and dorsal vertebrae have different construct with a healthy and comfortable ride or stand dynamic operating mode.
• Tabletop tilting angle into three main function:
 A. 0 ° -15 ° easiest to write.
 B. 30 ° -60 ° angle most comfortable reading angle.
 C. 30 ° -70 ° angle for drawing.
Top plate angle not only affects the cervical spine, the upper torso angle tilt and lumbar changes, there are also a key influence (general reference for Kid2Youth ISO International Standard Organization recommends the job). Advised consumers to be self test, pick up a book, adjust the angle, for eye and neck to a relaxed stress-free state.



Maintenance period: Tables 5 years (*The invoice effective form May 2016.)
Maintenance range: non-human factors damage.