Nikonom Roller School Backpacks come from Spain, is a revolutionary children Roller Schoolbag. Nikonom Roller known for its 17.5 cm big wheel, suitable for 7-12 year old children. Freemax
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nikidom roller-White Fire

White Fire - nikidom roller-White Fire
HKD 880
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Product Details

nikidom roller School Backpacks



- Large wheels with 17.5 cm diameter are quiet, and make it easier to go up and down stairs and sidewalks, in addition to providing greater stability and preventing the bag from tilting from one side to the other while being dragged.
- Light aluminum telescopic tube with 3 adjustable height positions: 77cm, 83.5cm,  98cm for optimal fit to the growing child.
- Ergonomic push/pull handle so that pushing the wheelie bag in front of oneself (recommended position, just like a shopping cart) is as easy as dragging it behind.
- Semi-rigid body to protect contents.
- Bottom protective base made of rigid material in order to protect the bag from scratches
- Holes in front protector to attach the decorative PINs.


nikidom roller School Backpacks
nikidom roller School Backpacks
- Front compartment with two small pockets and one large mesh pocket, ideal for keeping the timetable, mobile phone etc.
- Main compartment with mesh pocket and a large insulated pocket to keep snacks or drinks cool.


Rain cover


nikidom roller School Backpacks



nikidom roller School Backpacks



nikidom roller School Backpacks



Size and volume
- Measurements (only textile part): 46x29x20cm (height x width x depth)
- Overall measurements (with telescopic handle in lowest position, and including wheels): 52×32.5x21cm
- Storage capacity – 19 litres

1 year structural warranty.