Hand adjustable standing desk converter MDOD-104M can turn your existing office desk into a desk that allows you to sit and work manually. MDOD-104M only 890mm wide, suitable for the small workplace. Freemax
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FreeMAX Standing Desk Converter - MDOD-104M

Black - FreeMAX Standing Desk Converter - MDOD-104M
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Product Details

Introduction of MDOD-104M Standing Desk Converter

How MDOD make normal desk becoming adjustable desk:

Latest Model: MDOD - 104 demo


Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Height Adjustable-infograghic
Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Mobile holder-infograghic

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-X shaped design-infograghic

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-width-infograghic

MDOD – 104M have only 890mm width, smaller desks are also available for use. Simply place on the table that can be used without any installation. It is the best solution instead of switching a standing desk. In addition, it is more carryable to another working space.

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-keyboard trap-ergonomic-infograghic

MDOD – 104M equipped with a removable widening ergonomic keyboard tray, providing enough space for your keyboard and mouse. The users can adopt a healthy, comfortable posture without overloading the musculoskeletal system.

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Ergonomic design-infograghic

Unique pneumatic lifting system built-in 12 heights adjustable position, simply raise or lower in a few seconds. 

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-lifting process-infograghic

mechanism design to stabilize the adjustable process and the capacity up to 15KG.

Other Demo:

Easily Height Adjustable

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-easily Height Adjustable-infograghic

Smooth mechanism

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Smooth-infograghic

Easy to use

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Lever-infograghic

Detachable ergonomic keyboard tray

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Keyboard Tray-infograghic

Mobile Device Slot

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Mobile Device Slot-infograghic

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Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Desk Size-infograghic

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Desk Height-infograghic

Standing desk converter-Standing Desk-MDOD-Desk Height-infograghic

MDOD - 104M Standing Desk Converter Specification
Height range:12cm ~ 42cm (12 preset height levels)



1 Year Structural Warranty.